PR Committee Meeting 20120904

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PR Committee Meeting 9-4-2012 Nicke Sainz Mike Eber Sarah Scott Greg Needel John Haskins Ed Kim Nicole Greeley

Prior meeting minutes were approved by committee.

Agenda Item One: Partnership with Local DISD

  • Ideas
    • Science Fair Projects
    • Guest Speakers
    • Science Day Speakers/Demo
    • Tour of the Space
    • Demos of solding
    • Pouring heavy gas demo
    • Possible micro makerfaire

  • Information we need to gather:
    • ask what her position is with the school
    • find out about curriculum requirements
    • what are their field trip budgets
    • inquire about what main age group these events would be targeting
    • what would be expected of us

Was suggested we form a Dallas Makerspace Traveling Troupe. It would be a group of Makerspace members who went around to local schools doing cool science and technology based demos.

  • We would need to make sure material costs were covered by our fee if this idea was flushed out.

Suggested we look into posting flyers on school message boards. Mostly at local colleges.

  • Catergories for the flyers will focus on these three main groupings
    • Blacksmithing and Woodworking
    • Electronics and Robotics
    • Art/Photography

Action Item: Seek out a woodworker who wouldn't mind spearheading a workshop class on the weekends.

Suggested that we expand the scope of the photography group

  • offer classes/demos in the following:
    • Lighting
    • green screen
    • White Balance
    • Product Photography
    • Digital photography
  • Potentially partner with the Dallas Photo Group
  • Look into hiring models for practicing using our cameras.

Action Item: Look into Adwords (need to ask Andrew)

Suggested we create a button (webased) for project posts that like to the DMS webpage.

Action Item: Brand the space with more items that say our name. This way it has a higher chance of appearing in photographs and videos.

Suggested we create a high shelf in the spaces hallway for displaying stuff. (ie nicknacks, stuff made at the space, art work, sculpture, photographs)

Suggested we look into getting a traffic counter so we can begin to get metrics for the amount of movement through the space.

Action Item: Print papers for Welcome Packets (100 to start).

Action Item: Send Nick email with specifics for window decals and bumper stickers.

Action Item: Mike Eber will talk with Paul about fabric for curtain over the screen

Agend Item Two: General PR related Promos

  • suggested we take Christmas lights and use plastic tubing or acrylic plastic cut on the laser cutter to for the letters DMS and make our own faux light sign.

Action Item: Need to gather more workers for FenCon table.

  • Need to make sure we bring chairs
  • Food
  • Power supplies

Agend Item Three: Tanner Electronics Event

Action Item: Get together a project list

Action Item: John Haskins to design the vinyl window decal

80 dollars in budget allocated for the decal.

To discuss next meeting: Open House