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Committees are voluntary groups, formed by members in order to achieve certain goals.
To join this committee, contact the committee chairperson. See Rules and Policies#Committees for more information.


The Science Committee's responsibilities are to:

  • Promote and support the sciences at DMS
  • Maintain the order, organization, safety, cleanliness, and utility of the Science Lab area.
  • Organizationally and administratively support science related classes


Science Committee exists to educate members in scientific, engineering and technical subjects not covered by other committees or groups at Dallas Makerspace, based on member interest and available resources. It facilitates this goal through its children Special Interest Groups (SIGs) by providing resources for SIG projects and areas of study.

Research Interests and Projects


  • Committee Chair: Josh Melnick
  • Committee Vice-Chair: Kobin Caddick
  • Lab Manager: David Radcliff
  • Purchasing Officer: Kobin Caddick
  • Adair Claycomb
  • Ben Puig
  • Brian Terry
  • Ian Jaeger
  • Ken Purcell (@Lampy)
  • Oguz Yetkin
  • Scott Renkes
  • Jerry Ethridge (@jerryet)
  • Daryl Barth
  • Christopher Williams
  • Rob Virkus


  • Leadership should include a detailed financial report with every formal meeting.
  • Proper chain of appeal for issues within the committee. (Serious issues should be taken directly to the DMS Board or proper authorities).
       a.	It should first be discussed privately with the most appropriate appointee or project lead.
       b.	If the issue is not resolved, it should be escalated to the committee chair and discussed privately.
       c.	If it is still not resolved, it should be brought up for discussion at the next regular meeting among committee members in person.
       d.	Final attempt to address the issue should be added to the agenda for the next formal meeting as new business. It should be submitted 1 week prior to the formal meeting.


Meetings are posted in advance on the events calendar

Upcoming Committee Meetings
Previous Meeting Minutes
Science Committee Meeting 2019 July 22

Science Committee Meeting 2019 June 16
Science Committee Meeting 2019 May 19
Science Committee Meeting 20161406
Science Committee Meeting 20162704
Science Committee Meeting 20161904


How To Join

  1. Send committee chair an email or talk to them at Makerspace
  2. Add your name to the "Members" section of this wiki page.


Science Committee discussions are held via the forums and Google+:

All pages related to the Science Committee.