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There are no formal rules established around SIGs, thus the following is the Secretary's interpretation of the present standing rules established by the Board of Directors as it pertains to the membership, Committees, and Groups.

Interest Groups (aka SIGs or Special Interest Groups) are formed by members to provide a structure around a common interest for the purpose of a project, discussion, solving a problem, performing an activity, or any other reason that members would like to organize into a DMS organization other than a Committee or Group.

Historically, SIGs have performed the following functions:

  • Completed projects
  • Expanded the focus of the sponsoring Committee or Group ("sponsor")
  • Emerged from their sponsor as new committees or groups

Formal SIGs

Formal SIGs are a sub-unit of a Committee or Group

  • Sponsored by a Committee or Group - typically for the purpose of budget, space, or existing organization
  • Exist as a Formal SIG at the leisure of the sponsor
  • Must adhere to the rules governing the sponsor
  • May be provided access to resources by the sponsor, however the sponsor maintains control of said resources

Informal SIGs

  • Not sponsored by Committee or Group
  • Informal SIGs are not subject to any special rules or privileges outside of those governing DMS members