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Dallas Makerspace hosts a thriving community of film and digital photographers. We celebrate most camera holidays, explore locations, restore vintage cameras, and hold classes and workshops.

Join Us

If you're a Dallas Makerspace member and would like to join the photography group, it's easy. Add yourself to the list below and/or join our Facebook group; tell us about yourself and your interests. If you use flickr, you can also add a link to your photostream. To keep up to date on DMS photography plans and projects, please subscribe to our photography mailing list through Google Groups. [We also have an area in the DMS forum where you can post about photography (not working at this time)]

Group Members

All Dallas Makerspace members are welcome to participate in photography group projects at any time. Feel free to add your name to this list if you'd like to be included in our internal group communications and planning meetings.

Nicole Greeley

Interests: Lomography, film developing, film scanning, vintage cameras, collecting antique photograph {{#widget:FlickrUserH|user=32045500@N03}}

Steve Rainwater

Interests: Vintage cameras and lenses, film photography, digital photography, pinhole cameras, found film, free software for photography (e.g. GIMP, UFRaw, Gthumb, Qtpfsgui) {{#widget:FlickrUserH|user=8386148%40N06}}

Steve Reeves

Interests: Vintage cameras, film development, print making, photo screen printing, camera hacking, cross-processsing, film salvaging {{#widget:FlickrUserH|user=69559905@N00}}

Marc Weintraub

Interests: Photography (mostly film), medium format, portraits (dog and human), software development. {{#widget:FlickrUserH|user=85058704@N00}}

Richard Alexander

Interests: digital photography, ubiquitous photography and videography, large scale photographic data processing, medium format photography, large format photography, infrared photography, ultraviolet photography, holography, vintage photography processes (wet plate collodion, ambrotypes, tintypes, etc.), Photoshop, landscapes, nature, underwater, astrophotography, portraits, nudes {{#widget:FlickrUserH|user=37557200@N00}}

Cindy LHK

Interests: Primarily digital, but an understanding of film. Confesses her developing days are long behind her. Travel photography, abstract photography, combining photography and painting. Lots and lots of Photoshop, but works off CS4 because it does everything she needs. (will figure out how to either share google photos here or set up flickr to be consistent soon)


Information and Tutorials

Photography Exhibits

  • Leaving Dakota Tour - We hosted a 2010 exhibit of Philidelphia Photographer Kyle Cassidy's work

Hosted Events

  • Camera Obscura - Dallas - Steve Reeves has started a local variant of the "crappy camera club" open any Dallas photographers who want to meetup, show off, and use vintage film cameras. We've had an initial meeting. More info soon on future meetings. Dallas Film Photography Club
Flickr: North Texas Film Photography
Facebook: North Texas Film Photography