Upcoming Class: CryptoParty

Dallas Makerspace will be holding a CryptoParty on February 20th at 7pm, running until about 9pm.

CryptoParty is a decentralized, global initiative to introduce basic cryptography tools – such as the Tor anonymity network, public key encryption (PGP/GPG), and OTR (Off The Record messaging) – to the general public.

The topic of the CryptoParty being held on the 20th will be: “Encrypting emails with GPG”

The class will be about 2 hours long, and the instructor will stay as late as necessary to answer questions/assist with issues. First hour is an overview and general lecture, with the second hour as the technical segment/hands on.

Everyone is encouraged to bring their laptops.

Copies of software will be available on CD/USB drive if people are unable or unwilling to connect to the internet.


  1. Bob January 30, 2013 Reply

    Please post links to he software.

  2. Jason Harelson February 14, 2013 Reply

    I am just a computer hobbyist. I want to improve my skills. Is this 2 hour class available to anyone or do you have to be a member. could I get a pass just to see what the place looks like and a feel for it’s members. I don’t know anything about 3D printing. I am awfully interested in becoming a Linux geek. This class looks like something that would give me a feel for what type of instruction is going on at the maker space.

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