Makerspace status update for Monday Mar 8

Time for a weekly update on the Dallas Makerspace.

Next Meeting:

Topic: Buying, Restoring, and Using Vintage Cameras
When: Thursday, March 4
Where: XMAX Games, 1931 Skillman St., Dallas, TX, 75206

I’ll bring several old cameras to pass around for show-and-tell and
explain how I obtained, cleaned, and repaired them on the cheap. I’ll
recommend a local film processing lab, sources for obscure film
formats, and describe negative scanning techniques I use. I’ll show
some examples of the results you can expect from inexpensive vintage
cameras. Bring your own old cameras along with questions or advice
about using them.

We’ll also cover the usual makerspace topics such as introductions of
visitors and progress reports on finding space and raising money.


Dallas Makerspace member Peter Smith participated in the Sunday, 7 Mar
hackerspace call-in where representatives from hackerspaces all over
the world talk to each other to share news and ideas. You can listen
to the MP3 of the call but be warned, audio levels are variable and
it’s very long.

DPRG member Eric Chaney spoke at the Open Source Meetup on Saturday, 6
Mar about the Dallas Makerspace. Hopefully we’ll see one or two new
members from that.

Website update

The new wiki continues to grow as makerspace members add projects,
both existing and planned. You’ll also find links to our mailing list,
IRC channel, and twitter feed. Check it out.

Membership Update

Current members: 6
Member Goal: 30

Come on folks, if you haven’t joined yet, please do so today. We’re
asking for a one-time up front donation of $100 or more to help us
reach our startup fund goal. After that, there will be a monthly
membership fee in the $30-40 range, depending on how many members we
have by the end March. If there’s something you’d like to see happen
before you plunk down your hard earned money to join up, let us know
what is and we’ll try to address it. We’d like to reach 30 members by
the end of March to keep our plans for getting office/warehouse space
on track.

Startup Fund Update

DPRG contribution: $1000
Member donations: $1500
Supporter donations: $125

Total: $2625
Goal : $6000

We’re halfway to our funding goal. If we reach our membership goal of
30 members, that will generate another $2400 in one-time member
donations. But we’ll still need about $900 more in general donations.
These aren’t the best times financially for non-profits to ask for
donations but if you can squeeze out a few dollars, you’re helping to
create a group that could potentially have a big impact on Dallas and
make our city a more interesting place to live. Any donation will
help, however small.

Building Search Update

The DPRG has received no new building donation offers since our last
update. Ed has located several more potentially leasable buildings in
the 635/75 area. Looks like it shouldn’t be difficult to get something
there once we get to our funding and membership goals.



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