Yesterday Night’s Meeting

We had a great meeting last night at XMax!

Attendence was good.  There were about 13 people, many who’d never
come to a DMS meeting.  Several are ham radio operators and there were
obviously many people interested in the presentation about CNCs.

Club business was discussed, including another open space in the
business park on Spring Valley near the DART station there.  We did a
quick round of introductions to find out more of what people are
interested in.

Then I started my presentation, only to find out the computer on hand
wouldn’t boot EMC.  So the demo fell a little short, turning into
somewhat of a static display.  I was able to demo the software on a
laptop and explain the mechanisms.  Dale brought an industrial XY
table off Ebay he got for $100 and showed off some of the parts.

Peter took meeting minutes here:

XMax has been great, but next meeting is going to be someplace a bit
quieter.  Steve has a great presentation lined up, and the details
should follow in another email.

Any requests or offers of presentations?  Some other hackerspaces do
something called “lightning talks” where anyone who wants to gives a
60 or 120 second presentation on a given topic.



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