Meeting this Thursday in Richardson at Company|Dallas – iPhone Remote Control

Hi everyone,

This week’s meeting will be on Thursday at 7PM like always, but we’ll
be in a different location!  We’ll be meeting at Company|Dallas, a
co-working facility in Richardson, near Campbell and 75.

(directions page)

Someone will be there to let you in, and we’ll have signs with a
number to call if you show up late.  This location will be a lot
quieter and convenient.

This week’s awesome presentation will be by Glenn Pipe about remote
controlling your project with an iPhone.  Glenn has built a full-scale
model of R2D2 that he can command using his iPhone.  Come check out
what Glenn has been up to and learn how you can use the iPhone as a
remote control for your own projects.

We’ll also discuss club business and have our usual break out into discussion.



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