About Meeting Minutes for 3/18/2010

Just fyi, I’ve posted the meeting minutes for tonight’s meeting on the
wiki [1] so be sure and review them to keep in touch with what’s going

We would like to get a table for the Oak Cliff Earth Day [2] on
Sunday, April 18, from 12p-5pm.  I will call the organization tomorrow
to see if they will let us be there.  I’d like to see, at the minimum,
a human who is there with flyers for handing out and also someone to
talk to people–and at most some sort of demonstration of some
potentially earth-saving things that the members of a hackerspace
could provide with and educate our community about.  Or just really
awesome stuff.  I’m always wanting giant robots with lasers, but I
haven’t gotten that far yet.

As always, be sure to mention the Makerspace to friends and family as
word-of-mouth is the best advertisement!  Be sure to check our wiki
[3] to see what we are doing and are planning.  Posting flyers [4] is
still needed [5], so do that whenever you can.

We’ll be having the meeting at Company|Dallas again next week Thursday
March 25, unless we hear otherwise, so stay tuned.

Well just thought I’d drop a line to those on the list!


[1]  http://www.dallasmakerspace.com/wiki/Meeting_20100318
[2]  http://www.oakcliffearthday.com/
[3]  http://www.dallasmakerspace.com
[4]  http://www.dallasmakerspace.com/wiki/Flyers
[5]  http://www.dallasmakerspace.com/wiki/Public_Relations


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