Makerspace Status Update for Monday Mar 15

Time for a weekly update on Dallas Makerspace.

Next Meeting:

Topic: Controlling your Project with an iPhone
When: Thursday, March 18, 7pm
Where: Company|Dallas 1701 N Collins Blvd, Richardson, TX 75080

Glenn Pipe will talk about remote controlling your project with an
iPhone.  Glenn has built a full-scale model of R2D2 that he can
command using his iPhone.  Come check out what Glenn has been up to
and learn how you can use the iPhone as a remote control for your own

We’ll also cover the usual makerspace topics such as introductions of
visitors and progress reports on finding space and raising money.


DPRG members went to All-Con 2010 this weekend where they demonstrated
stuff, presented things, and generally had fun. Noise Boundary made so
much noise we generated a few complaints from patrons of the hotel’s
restaurant. Glenn and Jeff showed off their R2s and many photos were
taken of cosplayers posing with robots. Dale did arduino workshops. A
local channel 33 news crew shot some footage of us. We passed out lots
of fliers for DPRG and Makerspace. Hopefully we’ll see some new faces
at our upcoming meetings. We met lots of new friends at the room
parties. We’ll alert you on our twitter feeds as we find time to post
video and photos of the event.


Dallas Makerspace

Noise Boundary

Membership Update

Current members: 7
Member Goal: 30

Come on folks, if you haven’t joined yet, please do so today. We’re
asking for a one-time up front donation of $100 or whatever you can
afford to help us reach our startup fund goal. After that, there will
be a monthly membership fee in the $30-40 range, depending on how many
members we have by the end March. If there’s something you’d like to
see happen before you plunk down your hard earned money to join up,
let us know what is and we’ll try to address it. We’d like to reach 30
members by the end of March to keep our plans for getting office/
warehouse space on track.

Startup Fund Update

DPRG contribution: $1000
Member donations: $1600
Supporter donations: $135

Total: $2735
Goal : $6000

We’re halfway there! We know these aren’t the best times financially
for non-profits to ask for donations but if you can squeeze out a few
dollars, you’re helping to create a group that could potentially have
a big impact on Dallas and make our city a more interesting place to
live. Any donation will help, however small. To make a donation, visit
the DPRG’s Dallas Makerspace project page:


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