DPRG Public Monthly Meeting

DPRG Public Monthly Meeting February 13th 2010

North Garland Branch Library, 845 North Garland Avenue; Suite 550 Garland, TX 75040-8599

The following DPRG officers were in attendance:

  • Ed Paradis, President
  • Paul Bouchier, Vice President
  • Doug Emes, Treasurer
  • Eric Chaney, Secretary
  • Glenn Pipe, Librarian
  • Steve Rainwater, Webmaster, grant committee

Upcoming Events

Tech Fest: February 21-23: http://www.natureandscience.org

  • DPRG will have a table

All-Con March 13th – 15th: all-con.org at Crown Plaza Hotel

  • Ideas of different robots to present in the Round Balcony at the top of Stairs
  • Robots will be stored overnight in the vendor area.
  • Line Following Demo
  • Next month’s meeting is cancelled due to convention.
  • Dale Wheat will present 2 sessions on Building an Arduino
  • Paul Bouchier will present the state of robotics
  • Jeff will present LED Lighting.
  • Meet the robots panel
  • Steve and Ed are presenting the Noise Boundary robot music ensemble
  • Helpers will be Ron, Steve, Ed, Doug, Jeff, Eric, John and others.

A-Kon: June 4-6, 2010 at a-kon.com

  • We need to get a list going for volunteers

General Information

HackerSpace / MakerSpace Update

  • The DPRG is sponsoring the MakerSpace
  • Policy Documents are being written and will be presented to the board members.
  • The first meeting was help at XMAX
  • The Group will be organized under the DPRG
  • Will communicate with MakeDFW group / Make Magazine.
  • May want to separate the MakerSpace from the DPRG in the future.
  • Looking into getting separate 501(c)(3)

The IRC chat Channel is up for the DPRG


Ron Grant gave a presentation on his new robot. The user interface is custom software and was controlled by a Key FOB. This included a 1293 Transistor H H-bridge. The Software was written in Pascal.

Paul Bouchier presented his custom circuit boards they were mounted on a board. And were built using another member’s motor controllers. He also showed his Arduino Mega.

Ed Paradis sowed his CNC Machine, built from parts lying around and home depot.

Will showed line following robot. Created using custom board from Ron.

Matthew Fogle Presented his track robot, it has a camera pan and tilt and a laser.

Wes Grimes showed his Wally Robot, The motors showed more movement in the robot then what was in the original design. The servos were modified for continuous rotation. Controlled VIA Computer.

Eric Chaney did a demo showing his Lego Truck Robot that was controlled by remote control. And did a quick demo of RobotC.

Eric Chaney
DPRG Secretary


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