Possible Location in Plano

Hi everyone,

Here is a link to the place in downtown Plano I was thinking would be
a great location:

It is 1800sqft and going for $1000/mo.

– near the DART rail
– near some great bars
– lots of parking
– big garage doors
– good price (considering location and sqft)

– those small windows along the alley-way are now large open windows
with no glass (only metal bars) which would need to be bricked in or
otherwise made to be insulate-able
– the inside is very unfinished
– I didn’t see any AC/heating system

– bathrooms?
– sinks?

The space next door is also for sale but doesn’t seem ameniable to a
workshop (its a weird shape and has large windows on three walls).
Plus it is rather expensive and smaller.  (IIRC it is $1800/mo for



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