Report for Yesterday’s Meeting

Hi Everyone!

Yesterday night’s meeting was a bit sparse compared to the previous
week, but we got a lot done.

I presented the latest budget projections, which are looking good.
For the first time, the monthly budget works out to be in the black.
The start-up projection however isn’t as good.

After a discussion, we voted to change the name to “Dallas Makerspace”
to better describe the varied interests of the group.

We also decided that, like many other clubs, the group will have a
one-time membership fee of $100.  This will help pay for the gap
between the monthly budget and the start up budget.  Currently we have
$1625 in start-up funds, and are working towards a goal of $6000.

I proposed to create a few Coordinator positions to help organize
things.  They are: Membership Coordinator, Equipment Coordinator, and
Budget Coordinator.  Glenn volunteered to be the first Equipment
Coordinator due to his previous experience with CNC tools,
electronics, and similar equipment.  The Membership Coordinator would
keep track of the current list of members and associated information.
The Budget Coordinator would keep track of the bills.  I will probably
be acting as the Budget Coordinator.

I also proposed starting to collect monthly dues starting now, with a
time line to get space in the next few months, but this was voted
down.  We came to the conclusion that without a specific space we
cannot establish monthly dues.  Instead we will use the membership fee
and donations as a fundraiser to get enough money to sign a lease.

We also voted to continue having meetings at XMax on Thursdays at 7pm.
XMax is a little noisy, but it gives us a schedule.

We also discussed technology and just general cool stuff.



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