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TEDxSMU is an independently organized TED event sponsored by Southwestern Methodist University. 2010 is the second TEDxSMU event and the new program is titled "Starting Now". To enhance the experience, the organizers solicited proposals from local artists and groups to produce an installation art piece for TEDxSMU 2010. Dallas Makerspace submitted a proposal and was awarded a commission for the project. The general idea was an art piece that emphasized the theme of finite resources. The installation was designed for both [email protected] on 15 Oct and the adult TEDxSMU conference on 16 Oct. Dallas Makerspace successfully designed, installed, and operated the piece for TEDxSMU.

Photos and Video

Dallas Makerspace TEDxSMU / [email protected] - Steve's flickr photo gallery

SMUDailyMustang video (Vimeo)


Commissioned Artists
  • David Ackley - Brush Engineer, Makerspace
  • John Fields - Bucket Engineer, Makerspace
  • Oguz Yetkin - Programmer, Makerspace
  • Wes Lewis - Programmer
  • Scott Sumner - Programmer, Makerspace
  • Paul Wilson - Propmaker, Makerspace
  • Alyssa Pipe - Bucket components, Makerspace
  • Dale Wheat - Electronics Provider, DPRG
  • Mark Havens - 3D Printmaster, Makerspace
  • Micah Smith - CAD Modeler

Project Management Login (team use only)

Important Dates

  • May 27 - initial call to artists by TEDxSMU
  • June 1 - artist info session
  • July 1 - Dallas Makerspace hears about call
  • July 9 - proposal deadline
  • July 23 - selected artist(s) notified
  • July 27 - public announcement of selected project(s)
  • July 29 - meeting Sharon at HPB to establish site and budget
  • August 19 - Site survey at Wyly / hardware-software test at makerspace
  • October 13 - Possible installation work or site prep
  • October 14 - Installation
  • October 15 - [email protected]
  • October 16 - TEDxSMU
  • October 16 - de-installation