Earth Day 2010

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This event has been completed.
This page will remain here to serve as a record of the event.

Earth Day 2010 will give us a chance to show off some of our ongoing projects to an audience who doesn't usually show up at robot events or other technology events. And, since it's National Robotic Week, we'll be sure to throw in a few robots for good measure; robots that fit the definition of green in one way or another. This will also be a great chance to let a lot of new and interesting potential members know about our group and possibly recruit some new members.

Event coordinator: Steve Rainwater

Oak Cliff Earth Day

WEATHER UPDATE it's likely to be cold, possibly muddy, and still a chance of rain but the event is going on anyway. We'll be heading out to start setting up the booth between 10:30am-11:00am. We might cancel the fashion demo if the conditions look too bad once we're out othere. Wear something warm, be prepared for walking in a muddy park. We'll have one or two canopies set up so we should be able to keep out of the rain if it returns.

  • What: Oak Cliff Earth Day
  • When: April 18 (Sunday), 12pm - 5pm
  • Where: 1200 N Zang Blvd, Dallas, TX 75203 (google map)
  • Description: We'll be showing off technology recycling projects, improvised and do-it-yourself gardening projects, material repurposing projects, and robots for National Robotics Week. See below for full list of all the projects we hope to bring to this event.

EPA Earthfest Recycled Fashion Show

  • What:Earthfest Recyled Fashion Show
  • When: April 22 (Thursday) 11am - 1pm (check schedule onsite for exact time)
  • Where: Pegasus Plaza, 1500 Main Street, Dallas, TX (google map)
  • Description: This is an "official" EPA endorsed event in Dallas. We'll be fielding some entries in the fashion show wearing outfits made from recycled HDPE and LDPE grocery bags that we've fused into a sewable fabric. We have a great team of designers and models who are putting a lot of work into this, so come down and watch the show!

Other Earth Day Events some members may wish to attend

  • Live Green Expo - April 17 (Saturday) - Steve and Susan are going to hear Joel Salatin speak at this event. Steve attended last year and it's pretty darned big. Unfortunately, this event coincides with DPRG's National Robotics Week event at the Generator in Garland, so we probably shouldn't attempt to have a group presence at Live Green Expo this year.

Earth Day Events Projects

Photos from the event

Flickr gallery of Oak Cliff Earth Day 2010

ToDo List

  • Plan projects and assign to members
  • Tables and chairs - Brian will pick up from storage at Ed's house Sunday morning
  • Tent - find out who's got one
  • Create banner
  • Fashion models
  • Fashion designer
  • Coordinate planning with Doug for the Apr 17 Robotics Week event