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I collect and use vintage cameras. For more on how I do this and how you can do it too, see our page on buying, repairing, and using vintage cameras. This page is a list of my personal camera collection and the status of each unit. As I get new cameras repaired and tested, I'll add links here to the photos taken of and by the cameras. I sell a lot of cameras once I get them working, so I may not still have a particular camera on this list; but feel free to ask, I'm usually happy to loan them to other members of the space. If you want to know more about me, see my profile.

Working, Tested Cameras

This is a list of cameras in good condition, some of which I've repaired. I've actually shot at least one roll of film with each of these. Each link includes photos of the camera and photos taken by the camera.

none|t</flickr> Ansco 1065 35mm fixed focus (Hong Kong, ca 1978)
none|t</flickr> Ansco Viking 120 Camera (Germany, ca 1952)
none|t</flickr> Argus C 35mm Camera (serial 4722C, USA, 1938)
none|t</flickr> Argus C3 35mm Camera (serial 255536, USA, ca 1947)
none|t</flickr> Bencini Comet S 127 Camera (Italy, ca 1950)
none|t</flickr> Bencini Relex 127 Camera (Italy, ca 1949)
none|t</flickr> Bilora Bella 3b 127 (Germany, ca 1955)
none|t</flickr> Honeywell Pentax Spotmatic SP 35mm SLR (Japan, ca 1964)
none|t</flickr> Kodak Brownie Reflex Synchro (USA, ca 1940)
none|t</flickr> Kodak 35 RF (USA, ca 1940)
none|t</flickr> Kodak Brownie Auto 27 (USA, ca 1960)
none|t</flickr> Kodak Retina IIa Type 016 35mm rangefinder (USA, ca 1951)
none|t</flickr> Mercury Satellite 127 (USA, ca 1960)
none|t</flickr> Photavit 36 (Germany, ca 1956)
none|t</flickr> Vivitar 220/SL, 35mm SLR (Japan, ca 1970)
none|t</flickr> Vivitar XV-20, 35mm SLR (Japan, ca 1980)
none|t</flickr> Vivitar TELE 703 Point 'n Shoot, 110 format (Japan, ca 1978)
none|t</flickr> Wittnauer Legionnaire 35mm rangefinder (serial 001011 Germany, ca 1950)
none|t</flickr> KMZ Zenit-E 35mm SLR (serial 73139176 USSR, ca 1965)

Untested Cameras

These cameras I've acquired but not tested yet. Some are in need of cleaning or repair before they can be used. Stay tuned...

  • Ansco Cadet II 127
  • Ansco Readyflash 620
  • Argus A 35mm
  • Argus C-Four
  • Balda Werk Super Baldina
  • Canon T90
  • Graflex Anniversary Speed Graphix 4x5 press camera
  • Kodak Brownie Flashmite 20 620
  • Kodak Six-20 Bull's Eye 620 (US)
  • Konica C35 35mm
  • Minolta APZ Freedom Zoom 105i
  • Petri 7 S (Circle-Eye System) 35mm rangefinder
  • Polaroid Spirit (600 series)
  • Vivitar Avon-branded Purple Point 'N Shoot 110 format
  • Vivitar PS:35 Point-and-Shoot 35mm
  • Vivitar T100 Focus Free 35mm
  • Vivitar TELE 805 Point 'n Shoot 110 format
  • Vivitar V2000 35mm SLR
  • Vivitar V3300se 35mm SLR
  • Vivitar V4000s 35mm SLR
  • Vivitar VN5000 35mm SLR