So You Want to Teach A Class

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So you want to teach a class...

Ensure Unmet Need

You have checked the Calendar for a few months into the future and the course you want to teach does not appear to be offered. You want to teach it, and no one else appears to already be filling that niche.

What's next?

Gauging Interest, Ensuring Activity is Appropriate, Equipment/space Available, etc.

  • Checking for activity on the Talk forum is always a good idea. You can also see if anyone posts back about interest.
  • There is a specific section in the Classrooms category of Talk called INTEREST CHECK to post and see whether people are interested.
  • It never hurts to ask around in person, either.
  • If your project fits a pre-existing committee, talk with the chair. They may be able to help get you everything you need and help set it all up for maximum benefit.
  • Look at the Learn to Teach page to learn about becoming a teacher and preparing for a class.

Write your class description

Write a concise class description. The perfect description makes the class appealing to participants while clearly describing what they should expect from the class. It must identify specific skills and techniques that the participant will learn. This also makes it easier for Honorarium Auditors to understand that you are teaching a class and not just organizing an event.

There is an optional class description template that can help you write this description.

Select a Location

There are four general classrooms available for members to schedule at Dallas Makerspace. See the Rooms Guide page for details about specific classrooms so you can select the one that is most appropriate.

When your class is related to a specific workshop or studio area, you can use that area for your class. As a courtesy, if your class will tie up the space for more than a couple hours, you should clear that use with the committee chair before scheduling the class.

If you have rearranged the room from its default configuration, you need to restore the furniture to the default configuration.


  • If you want an honorarium, 240 hours (10 days) advanced notice is required.
  • If you want an honorarium to go to a committee, you should probably talk to the committee chair, though they never turn down $$.

Follow the directions (carefully!) under "Getting Paid" at the Teach link. At the time of this writing, basically:

  1. Add the event to our calendar at least 10 full days before the event.
  2. Make sure to request the honorarium at the bottom of the class entry form.
  3. Wait 72 hours for it to be reviewed. If there are no issues, it will appear on the calendar after 72 hours.
  4. At least three registered persons must attend the class.
  5. The instructor/host must record the attendance part in the calendar within 24 hours after class completion. Make sure you click SAVE at the bottom to record the attendance!
  6. Your IRS Form W-9 must be on file before you are paid. If you give your $50 to a committee, or if you decline the honorarium, you do not need to bother with the W-9.
  7. You will typically receive an honorarium check via US Mail within two weeks. The current process (10/2017): Finance processes honorariums on Monday (excluding holidays) and sends them to the accounting firm Tuesday morning, they are processed into Quick Books at that time, checks printed and posted. Depending on where you live, checks arrive on Friday or Saturday.

Official rules governing honorariums are in the Rules & Policies section.

But how does it all work after that?

If you're just looking for directions/tutorial, check out this file. First, be advised that the current system was implemented on 7/26/2016, so some kinks are still being worked out. Patience is greatly appreciated.

Secondly, you will need a DMS domain account to manage classes. If you do not have one, and/or are not a member of DMS, your sponsoring member will need to manage your classes.

Fill Out the Submit Event Form

At the top of the Events Calendar page, click "Submit Event."

Log in.

Put in the information as requested.

NOTE: The calendar system times out automatically after about an hour. We recommend you gather all the information you need and write it up separately first. Then, go to the Submit Event form and paste the info into the form.

What happens after I click Submit?

  1. I don't see it on the calendar yet, and am just wondering what the process is from here?
    As soon as you submit the event, you can click on My Account/Hosting Events (upper right hand corner of Calendar). If it is successfully submitted to the Calendar system, it shows in that listing. If approved, honorarium classes are posted to the calendar within 72 hours. If rejected, you will get an email explaining why. Requests not reviewed or rejected are automatically approved in 72 hours. Non-honorarium classes and regular events appear within 48 hours.
  2. Will I get an email if and when someone approves it?
    No. The Calendar system automatically approves events/classes after 72 hours UNLESS IT IS REJECTED, in which case, you will be notified (see above).
  3. Do I get notifications on when or who may have signed up?
    No, but you can check for yourself on the Calendar page by going to "hosted events".

Frequently Asked Questions

Here is a link to questions frequently asked by instructors and participants regarding classes and classrooms.