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We are a collection of amateurs (in the true sense of the word). We do this because we love doing it. However, that means that we may not have the skills of professionals in many of the areas we love. Teaching is definitely one of those. We may know the subject, but not have the experience or skills to teach well. Fortunately those skills can be learned like any other.


  • It is a fair bit of work. Expect a minimum of 3-4 hours before class for every hour of class to prepare
  • Ask yourself what level of skills or knowledge the participants will already have when they come to your class.
  • Identify the learning objective(s) for your class. This will help you structure the class.
  • Think through the process from every step (kind of like breaking something down into an algorithm).
  • Make sure YOU understand the subject you are trying to teach. If not, perhaps create a group get together, rather than a class.
  • Write a precise class description to specifically describe what people will learn and what they will do in your class.


  • Public speaking is frightening to many people
  • Limit initial class sizes so they feel more like a group of friends
  • Talk to people (make eye contact), not at them
  • Try to make it conversational and not a lecture.


  • Develop a Dallas Makerspace Teacher's Handbook
  1. How enter a class into the calendar system
  2. Class vs Event, Link to Honorarium rules when finalized
  3. Some templates they can opt to use
  4. How to connect to classroom screens and equipment
  5. How to estimate class length
  6. How to engage people
  7. Basic principles of giving class
  8. What types of things are not permitted at Space, i.e. actually making fireworks on site

Plus whatever else.


Microsoft PowerPoint pptx files:

File Name Microsoft PowerPoint pptx file JPEG Image
Red Theme File:DMS Vector Template - Red.zip
Vector Logo
Blue Theme File:DMS Vector Template - Blue.zip
Vector Logo Outlined
Purple Theme File:DMS Vector Template - Purple.zip
Vector Logo Flat Outlined