How to Enable Your Active Directory Login

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Several Dallas Makerspace resources are accessed through your Active Directory (AD) login account.

You will need to create/enable your Active Directory (AD) login account through our billing system (WHMCS).
NOTE: Only members with an account in WHMCS will be able to do this, at this time.

  • Log in at:
  • In the top-right corner, click the drop down menu that says "Hello, YOURFIRSTNAME!"
  • Click "Edit Account Details"
  • Take note of your username near the bottom. That is the username of your LDAP/AD account (once created). DO NOT ATTEMPT TO CHANGE YOUR USERNAME!
  • Correct any personal information if necessary.
  • Click "Save Changes" at the bottom, even if you made no changes.
  • Go back to the top-right corner ("Hello, YOURFIRSTNAME!") and click your name on the dropdown menu again
  • Click "Change Password" and enter in your current password in all three fields. At this time, special characters are not supported.
  • Click the blue "Save Changes" button.

The steps above will ensure that your Active Directory login account is synchronized with the WHMCS billing system to be able to access the following:

I don't think these are available any more: