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This event has been completed.
This page will remain here to serve as a record of the event.


UPDATE: Our 2010 Open House has come and gone. We had between 150-200 people come by. Fun was had by all. Even if you missed it, you can still check out the photos and video:

Here's a quick walk through that Steve did late in the evening

Reticulat1ngsplines shots this video of the dancing Aibos Gus brought to the Open House.

Steve took the 2 fps video from our security cameras in the two front rooms, accelerated it to escape velocity and combined it with some music by Spectral Hades, allowing your to see our whole 12 hour Open House in less than 8 minutes.

Dallas Makerspace is holding an open house to introduce the public to our space and the projects we've worked on this year. Projects like high voltage machines, experimental art, 3D printing, lasers, crafts, film and digital photography. Everyone (that means you!) should come out and meet us, see our space and our tools, and sit in on a few demonstrations. If you've never visited a hackerspace, now's your chance to find out what goes on and get in on the fun.


Here are a few of the project you'll be able to check out if you come to our open house.


  • 2:00pm Tankbot: A demo and explanation of the DPRG's outdoor wayfinding robot - Paul Bouchier
  • 7:00pm Printable sewing interactive demonstration - Haley Moore
  • 8:30pm Recycling plastic bags into sewable fabric demonstration - Steve Rainwater
  • Film photography and large format slide demonstration - Steve Reeves
  • Brass etching demonstration - Paul Wilson
  • Laser CNC demonstration - Alyssa Pipe
  • DIY PCB demo - Mike Allbright