Procurement Officers

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Dallas Makerspace Procurement Officers

The duties of a procurement officer (as noted on 2014-03-28 and 2014-07-30 by Paul Brown):

  • Perform "due diligence" before making a purchase.
  • Act as a gatekeeper by ensuring purchases have been directed by the Board of Directors, or ensure committee approval if the funds were directed to be spent by a committee.
  • Are approved to spend funds with prior authorization from the Board.
  • Ensure receipts are kept and given to whoever is doing the bookkeeping.

Officer terms end when the next Board is appointed, the position is resigned, or the officer is dismissed by the Board of Directors.

Member Name Photo Preferred Contact Date Appointed Date Term Ended
Paul Brown Center none listed 2014-03-28 n/a
Andrew Lecody Center andrew lecody at gmail 2014-03-28 n/a
Benjamin Groves Center ben.groves.tx gmail 2014-03-28 n/a
Robert Davidson Center none listed 2014-03-28 n/a
Pearce Dunlap Center pearcedunlap a/t gmail dot com 2014-03-28 n/a
Brooks Scharff Center [email protected] / (210) 584-3118 2014-03-28 n/a
Lance Preston Center none listed 2014-03-28 n/a
Chuck Graf Center none listed 2014-04-27 n/a
Bryan Gangwere Center [email protected] 2014-07-30 n/a
Alex Rhodes Center alexrhodes AT 2014-07-30 n/a