Keeping Up With the Beest II

If you missed it, check out the first article in this series, Keeping Up with the Beest.

November Update!

The team met in November, 2018 to showcase their progress and discuss next steps.
A working leg was demonstrated. Click here for some pictures.
Click here for a video of the working leg!

Progress and Funding!!

When the biggest hurdle of getting the ‘beest off the ground, enlisting the help of interested parties, proved to be easy as pie with the Dallas Makerspace (DMS) community, attentions turned to the second biggest hurdle: funding. At Dallas Makerspace’s Board of Director’s meeting July 16, 2018, $250 worth of funding toward materials and website construction were awarded, sending the #buildabeest project well on its way.

A promise to procure other funding towards the (estimated) $1000 cost of the ‘beestie necessitated a gofundme to collect donations. Click here if you would like to contribute, or just read more about THE PLAN.

The project focus is taking shape, including planning for making the CNC plans available to gofundme contributors (possibly among others), the ever-important t-shirt designs are being honed in, and actual ‘beest prototype parts are being mocked up. Stay tuned to #buildabeest on this blog for future developments, and check out the website for more information on Nicole’s inspiration, the team, and their progress:


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