Maker Spotlight: Adonis Carcamo

Adonis Carcamo
Gallery/event space owner of Pomegranate Underground

What do you do?
Besides trying to run an art business? I typically create things in the nature of strange creatures that are influenced by cartoons like AAAAH Real Monsters, The Head, Maxxx, Aeon Flux and Rob Zombie. Sometimes my process just depends on what medium I want to do. I even work with resin sometimes. The only constant process I have is the digital designing I do alongside printing up at the makerspace.

Tell us more about your gallery/event space:
Pomegranate Underground consigns over 20 different artists and we host musical events/parties monthly.

But what about your personal work:
I myself mainly work in digital 2d art working with mainly Illustrator but also with Photoshop, and InDesign. Sometimes I’ll make some art with wood with the laser machine or stickers from the vinyl cutter or even buttons. Just recently I have started getting into Super Sculpey and am loving it!

I’m El Salvadoran born in LA,CA. I’ve always been artistic as a young child and began with music. As a musician I’ve played piano, guitar, bass, drums, keyboard/midi controllers, saxophone and upright bass. As far as art – I’ve always been a colored pencils and/or pen kind of guy. Well, that is until I discovered digital art… I used to party a lot back in the day and get into a little trouble so my sense of humor may seem a little “low brow” at times but hey, life’s not meant to be taken seriously.

What are themes that you are interested in:
Surreal, Abstract, Modern, Playful, Psychedelic and Intoxicated.

Dream Project:
To be able to design my own house.

Artist Inspirations:
Rob Zombie, Alex Grey, Shepard Fairey, Banksy and many more unknown artists who’s work I’ll experience along the way.

How does DMS benefit you:
[DMS] benefits me greatly by allowing me to get trained on many different tools to use at my will that’s I can’t really afford at this time. It also lets me try new things and discover more about myself and my likes. It actually gives me more insight to myself.

Links to additional information
Twitter : @pomderground
Instagram: @pomderground


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