New Tools (CNC Mill and CNC Router)

Within the last month, Dallas Makerspace has acquired two very impressive CNC machines to use for our educational purposes.

1. HAAS CNC Mill

About the HAAS CNC Mill:

  • The membership raised $7, 985 to support the purchase of this professional grade CNC Mill.
  • Dylan Halsey has offered to take the lead on training members to use this tool.
  • It’s a 1995 Haas VF2, which can mill objects within an area of 30″ X 16″ X 20″.

2. 4’x4′ CNC Router (loaned by Cy and Samantha Jannke)

About the CNC Router:

  • A class is required for operating the CNC router. However, David Jannke encourages everyone to press the big red button just below the light on the control box if the machine is running unattended. It is the emergency stop and shuts off the machine until the operator returns.
  • David has held several CNC router training classes, in fact, the first thing he did once we got the router set up was offer a training class.
  • It’s a commercially built DynaCNC 48″x48″x10″ three axis CNC router/plasma table with a Porter Cable router serving as spindle and set up in router mode. In router mode it is capable of cutting most woods, plastics, PCBs, foam, plaster and with a spindle upgrade and cooling could cut aluminum.
  • The unit is driven by gcode handled by Mach3 machine control software. Mach3 can accept G-code from Bobcad,  SolidCam, vCarve and many other CAM programs.

You can see a more complete list of Dallas Makerspace’s tools by going here:


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