New Electric Car Charging Station

About The Donation

NRG eVgo has donated a new Electric Vehicle Charging Station to the Dallas Makerspace. This is the result of their work with the North Texas Electric Automobile Association (NTTEA) to find homes for several charging stations. The donation was especially exciting news after I heard that our current charger, which is on loan from William Petefish, needed to be returned. After the new charger was delivered during an NTEAA meeting, William Petefish and I quickly went to work and installed it inside the north garage door at the Dallas Makerspace.

Thanks to Ron Swanson of NTEAA, Jason Buckland of NRG eVgo, John Fields, and William Petefish, we can now reach more Makers who rely on a charger to get home.

About The Charger

It’s a Schneider Electric EVlink 30 Amp Level-2 Outdoor Pedestal Electric Vehicle Charging Station.


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