Board Game Saturday

Come stretch your brain and exercise your Zombie-hunting skills this Saturday at the monthly DMS Board Game Saturday (DMS-BGS for short). Bring a board or card game you enjoy, or just show up and learn a new game. Not computer games – REAL board and card games with components you can actually touch and hold in your hands.

This is NOT the game-list you grew up with: no Monopoly, Yahtzee, or Checkers. These are modern games with clever rules and themes designed for adults (though they are typically kid-friendly as well.

Recent DMS-BGS games have included:

  • Bang! – The sheriff and his Deputies try to defeat the outlaws and the Renegade – assuming they can figure out WHICH gunslinger is which
  • Castle Panic! – Co-op game where the players defend their castle from an unrelenting monster assault
  • Pandemic – play members of the CDC trying to stamp out 4 major diseases before they turn into Pandemics.
  • Carcassone – build cities, roads, and farms in the French countryside. Whomever controls the growth the best will win
  • Flux (in its many incarnations) – a wacky and quickly-changing card game. It starts with 2 rules: draw 1 card, play 1 card. What could be easier? Well, the rules are in “flux”, which can complicate things quickly.
  • Zombicide – Miniatures-based board game. Kill the zombies and escape before they kill (and eat) you.
  • and many others

Come and enjoy! Open to the public, so bring a friend. The games are generally family-friendly (call it PG-13, killing zombies may not be suitable for younger kids). Spouses, significant others, mature children also welcome.

  • What: Board Game Saturday – Family board and card game day (and night)
  • Date: Last Saturday of each month (September 28th this month.)
  • Time: 11am-midnight (or a portion thereof, sometimes later)
  • Where: DMS, Ladybird Classroom


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