New Darkroom is Operational

The Dallas Makerspace darkroom and photography lab is officially online. We offer into evidence this short YouTube video of Steve Reeves printing the first ever 8×10 black and white print. Thanks to a lot of hard work by our darkroom team, we were able to give tours of our darkroom during our recent open house. At present the dark room is equipped for doing black and white work. We have the hardware for doing color and will be working on that next. Check out the photography lab project page to see more details on our equipment along with a list of items we still need. Among other cools items, we have a Beseler 45MXT, from the same line of enlargers used at one time by Ansel Adams. The original owner of this particular enlarger was the City of Richardson Police Department Crime Lab, who auctioned it off when converting to digital. I’m sure if our enlarger could speak it would quote the Nexus 6 android Batty: “If only you could see what I’ve seen with your eyes…”

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  1. ben smithson December 15, 2010 Reply

    Congrats to Dallas Makerspace and to Steve for getting the darkroom going.

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