Weekly Status update: Meeting this Thursday at Company|Dallas

Hello Everyone:

It has been a busy weekend for the members of the Dallas Makerspace.

Saturday, we had a table at the Dallas Personal Robotics Group’s
National Robotics Week event in Garland.  We had several DMS members
show up and we got to talk to some members of the public about what
we’re trying to do.

Sunday we had the Earth Day event which went great.  I just sent out
the email with all the descriptions, and hopefully we can turn the
planning page on the wiki to a nice piece of documentation about the
first DMS events:

In the background of all of this, Steve has been coordinating the EPA
Fashion Show this Thursday around lunchtime.  The designer, Alison,
has been pulling long hours along with Steve, Glenn, Cathy, and the
models, to get several dresses designed and made in time for this
Thursday.  There is more going on than I can even begin to describe,
so check out the project page here:

This weeks meeting will be at Company|Dallas in Richardson.  The
presentation will be a survey of embedded system boards, from 486 to
Arduino.  We’ll discuss the pros and cons of almost 20 different
platforms you could be using right now.  Come find out what board you
should spend your hard earned dough on, maybe find out more about the
board you’ve got sitting in you closet!
Things start at 7:00pm; there will be a flyer on the door.

We’ll also discuss the next steps towards leasing a space.  We’re at
the point where we need to come up with a list of specifics and take
action.  If you know someone who owns or leases commercial real
estate, now would be the time to find their contact info.

We’ve received quite a few monthly dues from our members in addition
to start-up donations.  Contribute to the cause here:
Make a one-time donation or sign up for a monthly membership to help
us hit our $6000 start-up goal.

Thanks to everyone who has helped out this past week and I hope to see
you at the meeting!


Keep track of the DMS on Twitter:  http://twitter.com/dallasmakers
Find out more at our wiki: http://www.dallasmakerspace.com/wiki/Main_Page


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