Earth Day Wrap Up: Success!

Hello everyone,

The Oak Cliff Earth Day event was a great success!  We had enough
stuff to fill up two booths, one on either side of the aisle.

Brian made a ton of great recycled hard drive art and some CDROM
windmills.  He also brought up his plant starter made of PVC.  Mike
from the DPRG brought some of his robots made of VCR parts.  Steve had
some of his found object welded sculptures and his fused recycled
plastic bag club banner.  Peter had a box kite made of recycled fused
plastic bags as well.  Mark brought his “Global Worming Generator”
worm bin, which was a big hit.  The solar cell powered iPod project I
brought was a bit of a bust due to overcast conditions, but I think
people got the idea (due to the lead acid storage battery).

So as a first club event, I think it went great!  Thanks to everyone
else who showed up and helped out man the booths.  We passed out a ton
of slips with our website, so I hope to see some new members come in.

We also spread the word with some of the other exhibitors.  That
should help the word of mouth marketing get started.

The last few meetings have been really fun with everyone working on
projects and tossing ideas around.

Thanks again to everyone who worked on something for Earth Day or
showed up Sunday!



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