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Peter Smith







  • Ice Tube Clock
  • Bulbdial Clock kit
    • assemble
    • mod for radio time (see above, Ice Tube Clock)
    • mod for Chronodot
  • Portal
    • materials
      • 2 or more high-def USB cams with fish-eye lens for portal site point
      • high res LCD screen for portal view
      • 1 high-def USB for eye recognition/locating
      • sonar device to determine viewer distance
      • heavy duty computing/calc device
    • overview
      • a person sees the portal view as a mirror, or perhaps a window. Maybe a small window, or maybe a picture frame. As the person approaches the portal a perspective-corrected view of the other end of the portal is displayed. This mechanism has been done before.
    • mechanics
      • the system is waiting for input from the sonar device to determine if there is a viewer
      • when there is a viewer, it will try to determine that there are eyes pointed at it, and to determine the eyes' spacing based on the sonar input.
      • the system will track the eyes' location. If there are more than one set of eyes found it will stop tracking any eyes and simply make the view static.
      • the 2 or more high-def USB cams with fish-eye lens would be mounted in the middle of a wall, at eye level roughly at some remote location. It might be the same room as the portal view screen or it might be some other room. The effect would likely be best if it were live, but that is not neccesarily required.
      • the system will take the 2 or more high-def cams and plot their views onto a virtual sphere, the sphere will be used to give the viewer the perspective corrected view.
      • Wikipedia re: photo stitching
    • ideas for use
      • place the portal viewing cams on a wall 90 degrees to the viewer (similar to the game, Portal)
      • get static portal views from known external locations
      • get live portal views from other rooms in the hackerspace.
      • get live portal views from other hackerspaces.

Favorite Charities

Random Notes

  • On a potential recruitment presentation:
    • a super quick presentation with funny stuff in it..."Who we are" "What we do currently/what we need" "Where we want to be"
    • so who we are would be, like, nerds mostly... but artists, scientists, etc, lots of pictures available for that
    • "what we do currently/what we need", that one's pretty obvious (screen shots of wiki, disc group, etc)... what we need, shots of the zombie hordes, and also $$
    • "where/what we want to be"... pics of Mars base, that crazy spider that climbed buildings in the UK, space balloon pics, etc
    • flying cars, giant robots, lasers
    • cyborg bodies
    • throw in a pic of Dr. Strangelove for effect
    • probably grab a bunch of pics from other HS's, and point and say "I want to do that"
    • "mine/ours will be better"
  • How about a polarized 3d laser light show
  • Remote controlled Arduino kite?
    • 1 solenoid to handle 2 flaps/foils?
    • LEDs? Fuhr der blinken lichten?
    • radio control link?
    • series of mercury switches for level detection?
  • UAV blimp
  • how about a briefcase that secretly paints QR codes on concrete
    • like you stand next to a wall for like 30 seconds while it paints a QR code
    • ok, make it water-soluble, so it is only temporary
  • 3D-printable microscope
  • recycling soap
  • My login for webchat.

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