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The Dallas Makerspace needs your help to keep this wiki clean, organized and useful. Here are some things you can do to help:

  • Go through the pages in the Cleanup Category and see if you can make the page useful again.
    • Tag pages with the {{cleanup}} template to add them to that category.
  • Check the list of Uncategorized Pages and assign them categories as needed.
  • The Short Pages list shows pages that are low on content and could use some help.
  • The list of Special Pages shows pages that aren't linked, or need other types of improvements.
  • Write new pages!
    • Document and plan projects (Example: Near Space Balloon)
    • Document electronics components (Example: The page for the LS20031 GPS module now has more information in one place on this component than any other page on the Internet)
    • Describe how to use certain equipment (Example: How to use your scope)
  • Request for useless pages to be deleted with the {{delete}} template.

Tools, Equipment and Supplies

Please check out the Current Needs page and donate or buy some items from the list. Every little piece helps.

Elbow Grease

There are a lot of things that need to be done, so check out the TODO List if you'd like to help out.

Public Relations

TODO: Public Relations Committee should post things that they need help with here.


Join one of the Active Committees to help us keep the makerspace running. These committees work for every member and visitor to the Makerspace:

  • Logistics Committee - Is in charge of the building space, storage, consumables (toilet tissue, light bulbs), etc.
  • Infrastructure Committee - Is in charge of deploying, managing and maintaining network, servers, security cameras, HVAC, air compressor, etc.
  • Public Relations Committee - Is in charge of welcoming guests, walking new members through the signup process, advertising for the space and soliciting donations.


The easiest way that you can help the Makerspace financially is by becoming a member. You can also help by donating to either our General Fund or to the Maker Fellowship Fund which supports Makers in the community who are disadvantaged. Donations to both funds are tax deductible.

Makerspace General Fund

Maker Fellowship Fund