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This is the global TODO list for the Makerspace, the list covers actions that need to be taken. For a list of items we would like to have donated/loaned please check out the Current Needs page. Any member can edit this page, please add items as you see fit. To request funding for a project/item please contact Andrew LeCody, Shona Haskins or a member of the Board of Directors.

High Priority

  • Hang first aid kit next to the fire extinguisher in the main hallway
    • Optional: request donation of more (small) fire extingishers and first aid kits, an AED would be cool too.
  • Design flyers, t-shirts and bussiness cards.
  • Build workbenches for the Electronics and Robotics Room
    • John Haskins is heading up this initiative, please check with him to find out how you can help.

Normal Priority

  • Touch-up paint/stain, paint door frames
    • Minor touch-up work needs to be done on all of the painted walls (nothing a small brush can't handle).
    • Minor touch-up stain might be needed for the floor trim.
    • We might need to use caulk to seal the floor trim.
  • Develop a system for broadcasting the Monthly Membership Meeting over the Internet
    • One option would be a computer (laptop?) using Google Hangout.
    • Another option would be to stream via one of the readily available websites that already do this.