Board of Directors Meeting 20130411

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This meeting will be held in Modified SRC3 format.

Time, location

21:00, Dallas Makerspace

Prior minutes


Officer/Committee reports

Consent Agenda

Newly proposed agenda items appear in the consent agenda. Any member present at the meeting may pull an item out of the consent agenda for discussion, at which point it goes under "New Business". If nobody objects to the solutions presented by the consent agenda, everything in the consent agenda passes by consensus. Items that have more than one proposed solution should be moved to the "New Business" section.

Any member may edit this wiki page and place an item on the consent agenda. However, discussion of agenda items should be done via the forums. The cut-off time for addition to or revision of the the agenda's items is 48 hours prior to the meeting.

Creation of the Laser Committee

Create the Laser Committee with the following goals:

  1. Maintenance of the Laser cutter.
  2. Purchasing consumables for the laser cutter
  3. Education and certification in regards to the laser cutter.
  4. Maintain a list of acceptable and unacceptable materials for use on the laser cutter.
  5. Maintain a list of suggested power settings for the laser cutter.

Creation of the Aerospace Committee

Create the Aerospace Committee

Old business

These are the issues that remained unresolved from the last meeting. In a perfect meeting, there is no old business.

New business

Expanding The Space (Robert Davidson)

Discuss Leasing Building in the same Bldg as DMS and Vote on if we are going to go ahead and Lease the Bldg

Project Funding Request - PowerWheels Race League (Greg Needel)

Request Project funding for the Powerwheels race league 750 for the build cost of the car and spare parts (motors, batteries, materials + mechanics. The total cost of the team will be in the 2,000 range, and we hope to solicit outside sponsorship to make up the difference although 750 will get us to the minimum requirements for participation. The team will Race in Kansas at the end of June, with members who go paying their own way. If we win in Kansas we will have the opportunity to bring the vehicle to NYC in September for the Maker Faire. This is an event which is participated in by over 30 other hackerspaces and has been featured regularly in make magazine, hackaday and other publications. This should be considered as much a public relations project as an actual build. Participating this year is the first step to hosting a race in the 2014 season.

New 3D Printing Computer (Otto)

Problem: The 3D printer would be more usable if we had a better computer for it. The current computer is giving error messages saying "out of memory" and it's an old laptop with out of date specs.

Solution: Allocate $300 to purchasing an improved laptop for the 3D printer. This amount combined with the donations which have been pledged already should be sufficient for purchasing a much better laptop.



Starting BOD meeting
Attendance: Andrew L, Robert D, Paul B, Peter S, John G

Call for Consent Agenda
 None, proposals pass as proposed.

 Project Funding Request - PowerWheels Race League (Greg Needel)
 Andrew L proposes that DMS authorizes $750 to be available for spending on the proposed project.
 Robert D seconds

Aye: 5, unanimous
Nay: 0
Abs: 0
Motion passes

 New 3D Printing Computer (Otto)
  John K, explaining that a desktop computer is best for the task.
  Andrew L proposes that DMS allocates $350 to the 3d Fabrication committee on condition that the project be completed within 3 months.
  John G seconds

Aye: 4
Ops: 1
Abs: 0
Motion passes.

 Expanding The Space (Robert Davidson)
 Discussion re: developing the plan for potential space expansion


Andrew L adjourns meeting at 2315