Mouser Donation

New Mouser Electronics Benches

New Mouser Electronics Benches

As our Makerspace continues to grow it has gained the attention of a local company.   Mouser Electronics has provided two stocked benches to the Dallas Makerspace to help facilitate our goal of exposing people to experiences and providing opportunities for ideas to become a reality. These benches which come fully stocked with oscilloscopes, multimeters, power supplies and soldering irons and function generators are greatly appreciated.
During our Annual Open House on September 17th Kelly DeGarmo, Mouser’s Corporate Communications Manager, came out to see our new setup and visit with our community.  Since then the benches have allowed us to offer larger classes and given the North Texas maker community another avenue to explore their electronic endeavors. This is hopefully the first step in an ongoing relationship with a great local company like Mouser.

Dallas Makerspace accepts Mouser donation

Dallas Makerspace President Alex Rhodes and Mouser Corporate Communications Manager Kelly DeGarmo.


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