We’ve Moved!

2995 Ladybird Lane

The Dallas Makerspace has officially moved into its new location!

For several months now the DMS has been steadily outgrowing its location and set out to find a more suitable place to house the expanding member and interest base. It was a long process and would not have been possible without the efforts of all members. For weeks DMS members scouted out locations, took tours, debated high and low points for each space, and ultimately settled on 2995 Ladybird Lane, just off Walnut Hill, in Dallas.

Once the location was chosen members tirelessly worked to map out floor plans, space allocation, and remodeling concepts to accommodate its diverse interest groups. From there all that was left was to move! Over the course of a week DMS moved from its home on Audelia to Ladybird Lane. For pictures of the move check out the DMS flickr group HERE.

Meetings are still being held on Thursday evenings at 7pm and the DMS hopes that its new, and easier to find, location will bring out new makers. If you enjoy creating things with your hands, learning new skills, tinkering, or just plain ‘geeking’ out, the Dallas Makerspace is the place to check out!

New Location:
2995 Ladybird Lane (off Monroe and Walnut Hill)
Dallas, TX 75229

You can also read about the DMS at our wiki: Here
or get involved through our forums: HERE


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