Software Freedom Day this Saturday

Software Freedom Day is this Saturday, September 18. Dallas Makerspace is hosting the Dallas portion of this world-wide event that celebrates the importance of software freedom. In addition to giving away lots of Fedora and Ubunutu GNU/Linux CDs, we’ll have plenty of swag including lots of stickers and newsletters from the Free Software Foundation (yes, we’ve got the popular Defective by Design anti-DRM and the Windows 7 Sins “Microsoft is Trashing your Freedom” stickers). Our Fedora swag is being delivered in person by David Duncan, the Austin Fedora Ambassador.

We also have a series of short talks planned. Topics include a Perl 6, PHP Wikis, software and models for artists, Blender, and more. One late addition is visiting French hacker Marc Bruyère, who will be talking about free software and open source software projects at the Tetalab hackerspace in Toulouse, France.

For all the latest details, including maps to our location, see our Software Freedom Day project page. It can be a little tricky finding our space if it’s your first visit so we’re including the map right here. Be sure you print it! Since we’re hosting the event at our facility, this is also a good chance to check out the first hackerspace in Dallas. We’ll be happy to show you around and tell you about our projects. And we’ll even have a limited amount of ice-cold Club Mate on hand for $5 per bottle. Club Mate is the preferred drink of hackers everywhere and very scarce in the US right now. Our Club Mate was delivered in person by Nick Farr of HacDC, who imported it directly from Germany.

View Secret Path to DMS in a larger map


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