Nick Farr Visits Dallas Makerspace

Nick Farr and his Hackers on a Plane project made a stop at Dallas Makerspace on Thursday. Nick has been called the Johnny Appleseed of Hackerspaces and is well known for his talk at HOPE two years ago called “Your excuses are invalid” that has led to a plethora of new hackerspaces. Dallas Makerspace was Nick’s only stop in Texas as he makes his away across the United States, bringing case-loads of Club Mate to hackerspaces everywhere. Dallas Makerspace members Alan Hatchett and Peter Smith bought three cases of the highly caffeinated tea. They will be selling the drinks to anyone who wants to try one out for $5. Be prepared to stay up late when drinking one, however! All proceeds from the sale of the drinks will go to Dallas Makerspace.

Nick drove in from Louisville, KY, hung out with us during our weekly meeting for about 3 hours and then headed out again bound for Phoenix, AZ. It was great to have him visit us, even for such a short time, and get a chance to connect with the larger hackerspace movement. While Nick was here, he got a tour of our new facility, chatted with the members, downloaded some audio books for the next leg of his journey, charged his phone, and did a quick safety check of his van. Check out Nick’s twitter feed for more details on his cross-country Club Mate delivery trip.

We noticed empty Club Mate bottles were quickly accumulating and asked Nick if there was a contest to see which hackerspace can come up with the most interesting use for the empties. There’s no contest yet but he thought it was a pretty cool idea so stay tuned.

Yes, we got a few pics. I took one with Nick’s iPhone of Nick and Alan. Glenn’s iPhone got one of Nick and Peter’s arm, and one of Nick and I. Eric got a pic of Haley and Nick. The video above was shot by Glenn on his iPhone.

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