TEDxSMU Call For Artists

The TEDxSMU conference is coming up in October and they’ve issued a
call for artists. They’re looking for individuals or groups to propose interactive art installations that relate to the theme of their upcoming conference, and which TED participants can interact with over the course of the event.

As usual, we’re late on the uptake – we only heard about the call shortly before the deadline. Steve immediately posted it to IRC and called Sarah Jane Semrad to get the full scoop. It sounded like a taylor-made project for a hackerspace, so we’ve put together a team led by Alan to come up with ideas and write a proposal. Steve and Ed are helping along with frequent collaborator Haley Moore.

And, of course, we’ve started a TEDxSMU project page. Expect to hear more on this once TEDxSMU makes their announcement.


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