Art Con SEED Auction Clock


Art conspiracy is a local 501(c)(3) non-profit that organizes a big fund raising event for a different North Texas charity each year. They’ve raised over $70,000 for local groups so far. To cover their annual operating expenses, they also hold an annual art auction called the Art Con SEED event. For SEED 2010, Art Conspiracy selected 30 local artists or groups to be given an identical clock movement. Each artist then builds an art clock to be auctioned off at a live event on July 16 at Sons of Hermann Hall in Deep Ellum. Dallas Makerspace was been selected as one of those 30 artists.

Steve, Ed, and Mike Dodson of the DPRG collaborated to produce a huge floor-standing art clock. The base of the clock was welded scrap metal with a sealed rust coat. The tower was a space frame design painted in glossy red enamel. The face was a polished, clear-coat, plasma cut design. Red and blue CCFL lighting was added for effect. For photos and more details on the constructed of our clock see our Art Con SEED Clock project page.

Our clock went for $230 at the auction! – We weren’t able to stay for the entire auction but when we left, the Dallas Makerspace clock had drawn the highest bid of any clock at the auction. Check out photos of all the amazing art clocks in Steve’s ArtCon SEED auction gallery

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