Update on Building Search

Hi everyone,

Glenn, Alan, and I visited another building in the complex as the
previous building.  It looks to be a winner!  I’m coordinating with
the leasing agent.

It is 1680sqft and is going for a discounted rate of $700/mo.

The address is:
11020 Audelia Rd Suite C103
Dallas, TX  75243

Mark, Peter, and I have agreed to co-sign the lease.

We need to get an inspection from the City, power ordered and
connected, and internet ordered and connected.

The scheduled move-in date is Thursday, July 1st, so we’ll have our
normal Thursday meeting there instead of XMax!

We went over the lease at the meeting last night.  Our last meeting at
XMax should be next week.


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  1. Julia November 13, 2018 Reply

    It would be very helpful to date these posts.

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