Meeting Update: Makerbot complete!

Here’s an update for those who didn’t make the meeting last night.

Peter and Mark put the final touches on the CupCakeCNC/Makerbot last
night.  By the end of the evening, Glenn had the tables moving in X,
Y, and Z axis.  The heater element would start heating but we couldn’t
make the extruder motor turn.  What about a Makerbot demo next week?

The Adafruit group buy was delivered yesterday, so everyone’s kits
were distributed.  Glenn brought a soldering iron and put together his
SIM card reader.  I put together a Teensy and got the development
environment set up with Mike’s help.

I also hooked up the guts for the papercraft+servo robots to the
holoprojector pan/tilt mechanism for Glenn’s R2D2.  With a little
masking tape, a pen, and a laser pointer, we had the world’s least
exciting laser show.

The DPRG votes tomorrow to move forward on signing a lease.  We are on
track to have a space in the near future!



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