Last night’s meeting – Kite photography this Sunday!

Nice meeting last night, everyone!  For those of you who missed it,
Eric’s presentation on Blender was great.

After some discussion, we decided to move ahead on getting a space.
Our sites are set on a space near LBJ and Skillman, but we’re also
looking around at other places around town.  We’ve got over $4500
saved and many people have already signed up

I’ve made a page to help people look for new spaces on the Wiki:

If you want to help find a space, all you need to do is drive around
until you see a place for rent that looks suitable, and call the phone
number on the posting.  Ask them the questions on that page and record
them right there on the Wiki.  Its easy and fast

Also, here is a link to the latest pin map of all the members:

Note that its only zip codes, so multiple members show up as a single
pin on the map.  Several of the pins represent 2 or more members.

We’ll be doing Kite Aerial Photography this Sunday at the Lakes in Las
Colinas.  It is a family event and there will be dragon boat races and
all sorts of things down there, but we’ll be taking birds eye
pictures.  Come check it out!  Stop by the IRC channel for the latest
breaking info or just show up and look for a bunch of nerds. 🙂

The kite project page:
The Dragon Boat and Kite Festival page:



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