Last Night’s Meeting

Hi everyone,

At last night’s meeting we went over some of the spaces that have been
contacted.  It seems like the leasers are ready to lease as soon as we
are ready, and are itching to tour us through.

We decided that for next week we need to get flyers to post around the
local college campuses and coffee houses.  We also started a list of
groups to contact on the wiki.

Budget-wise, we’re about half way to our goal, and the hope is to
reach our goal of $6000 by the end of March.  If you’ve not donated,
try to chip in: Every bit
helps (and its a tax deduction too).

I had an agenda for the meeting so it went quick last night.  We were
through the business related stuff in about 20 minutes, and then spent
the rest of the time talking about cool stuff: homemade solar cells
out of donuts and tea, software defined radio in the 10ghz range, and
we met a new member, Harvey.  Pizza and caffeinated beverages were
consumed en masse.

Check out the wiki if you haven’t lately, its quickly growing, with
lists of projects, members, and other groups to contact popping up
like mushrooms.



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