DPRG Business Meeting Minutes

Location: The Generator, 107 N. 6th Street, Garland, TX, 75040

The following DPRG officers were in attendance:

  • Ed Paradis, President
  • Paul Bouchier, Vice President
  • Doug Emmes, Treasurer
  • Eric Chaney, Secretary
  • Glenn Pipe, Librarian
  • Steve Rainwater, Webmaster, grant committee

Upcoming Events

National robotics week is April 10th – 18th

  • There is currently a house bill to make this an annual event.
  • Plan a day to hold a tech fest for the event.
  • Hold Training classes on robotics. Such as the Arduino and Boe Bot.
  • We will need to plan out a schedule and get a location for the event. Possibly at the Museum of science and Nature.
  • Invite other groups to participate.
  • Doug Emmes will look into getting a space for the event.
  • Presentation ideas, Ron’s Key FOB Robot, Glenn’s R2D2 controller, Paul Robot Controller.

All-Con March 13th – 15th: all-con.org at Crown Plaza Hotel

  • At this time we did not receive confirmation on the number of tickets
  • No word about support from Vex
  • Paul Bouchier will organize the event.

Previous Events

Tech Fest: February 21-23: http://www.natureandscience.org

  • The event was well staffed and we received a positive reaction from the people we talked to.
  • DPRG received press coverage from the event.
  • It was felt that the DPRG did not get much by going to Tech Fest.
  • Our table was in the Nature Building and received a low amount of traffic.
  • Next year, if we attend, our table should be in the Science Building with the rest of the related exhibits.


Dallas Makerspace

  • The name has been changed from HackerSpace to MakerSpace to avoid bad public perception of the word “hacker”.
  • There will be a machine shop as well as computer lab.
  • Fundraiser is ongoing.
  • http://www.dallasmakerspace.com is running.

Eric Chaney
DPRG Secretary


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