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Date of Open House 2012:

  • Saturday, November 10, 2012 (20121110)


First stab at PR copy

The Dallas Makerspace will be holding the 3rd annual Open House on Saturday, November 10th. It will run from noon until midnight at 2995 Ladybird Lane, one block east of Walnut Hill Station. There will be excellent food, cool projects, free classes, and lots of stimulating discussion!

Come out to see what's going on! We'll have:


  • New and old-school electronic gaming.

Electronics Room:

  • Soldering classes.

Bio Room:

  • Root beer brewing and Hydroponics.


  • The Dizzy Fling--a carnival type game which was recently featured on Good Morning Texas!!
  • Various CNC projects
  • A Networked Vend Will-call machine.

And much more!

We'll also be showcasing:

  • Nicole LeCody's vintage cameras and darkroom produced photographs.
  • Steve Rainwater's Found Object Robot Art, vintage cameras, and Traveling Arc
  • Alyssa Pipe's R2D2, walking hexapod robot, and maybe ord-bot 3d printer .

See you there!

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