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VCarve Pro 11.x is DMS' currently supported version of the software

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Jump Server Support

VCarve Pro 11.x is not installed on the Jump Server. Version 9.x is available via the Jump Server, but is no longer supported.

Installed on select DMS Computers

VCarve Pro 11.x is also installed on select computers located inside of DMS.

Installing on your own Windows personal computer

It recommended that users install VCarve locally on their own personal Windows machine. Download the Windows Vcarve Pro application, if possible. Free Trial Comparision | Vectric 10 After you download the application you then enter the DMS activation code. This will turn your trial version into the Makerspace authorized version.

Installing on an OSX computer

If you happen to own a Mac then explore installing OSX Parallels Desktop or another virtualization software. After is setup you can follow the Windows directions above.

Activating VCarve Pro 11.x

Activation is only required when the user is exporting machine router paths. Each user will receive the authorization code after successfully completing the CAM class.

Online Vcarve Pro beginner tutorials

We have provided the following links to help you get started.