Member-to-Member Transactions

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The Dallas Makerspace does not endorse goods or services offered by its members to other members or the general public


Dallas Makerspace (hereafter, "DMS" or "the organization") members are free to offer goods or services to the general public or one another. They do so of their own volition without the endorsement of, approval of, guarantees offered by, warranty from, nor support of DMS. The Organization is an uninvolved third party in and disclaims responsibility for such transactions.

In Detail

  • If a member represents themselves to be authorized, endorsed, approved by, or formally affiliated with the organization when conducing a transaction on their own behalf, they are knowingly making a false representation
  • Members conducing business on behalf of the organization

In the event of disputes between members or between a member and the general public DMS shall not be obliged as a non-party to these transactions to insert itself to mediate, settle, nor make whole parties in such disputes. DMS encourages any members or the general public who feel aggrieved in transaction(s) with a DMS member or with DMS members to seek resolution on their own or to involve law enforcement if they feel necessary.

The organization may intercede in cases where the Code of Conduct has been violated, however its intent is to protect the organization and its ability to provide relief for aggrieved parties is solely limited to its rules and bylaws governing membership of the organization. Any member that feels the Code of Conduct has been violated in a member-to-member transaction - either actual or seriously proposed - may file a formal complaint.