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What are Honorarium Auditors

Honorarium auditors review classes submitted with a request for honorarium, and reject the class if it is not upholding the mission of Dallas Makerspace.

Current auditors

  • Alex Rhodes
  • David Kessinger
  • John A Gorman
  • Kathy McKee
  • Ken Purcell
  • Kris Anderson
  • Luke Strickland
  • Mellissa Rhodes
  • Mike Cole
  • Robert Davidson
  • S Charles Baber
  • Stan Simmons
  • Steve Blanchard
  • William Gee

Former auditors

  • Allen Wan
  • Brooks Scharff
  • Erik Smith
  • Gus Reiter
  • Jai Sondhi
  • Luke Olson
  • Patrick Thompson
  • Walter Anderson

How to update

To update this list, use dms.local>Groups>Applications>Honorarium Admins as this is the security group which controls the Honorarium Auditor view.


  • Honorarium Auditors were created on 20160828 by unanimous decision of the BOD to help keep classes on the straight and narrow in terms of furthering the educations causes upon which DMS is founded. With the more automated calendaring system in place, a method was needed by which classes which were not in keeping with these guidelines could be easily and swiftly rejected, with minimal impact on any one volunteer.
  • This mission was expounded upon in the BOD meeting of 20160923 when rule 10 was added to the events rules.
  • This page was incited by this post on Talk.
  • Added Former auditors section and updated with current/former - David Summers 2019.01.02