Hackerspace Meeting 20191230

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Scheduled Time

19:00 - 20:00


North Lobby Classroom

Prior Minutes

Hackerspace Meeting 20191030


Title: Approve prior minutes.

Author: Rafael Rincon

Summary: Approve the minutes for the most recent meeting.

Title: Rename the committee to Computer Committee and limit focus to computers.

Author: Rafael Rincón

Problem: Most computer geeks don't know what a hackerspace is. The title Hackerspace Committee is therefore confusing to our target audience. I, Raffi, end up either calling it the Computer Committee and foregoing the Hackerspace title altogether or including the Hackerspace label, but clarifying it by calling saying something along the lines of "...which is just the computer committee."

Solution: Rename the committee to Computer Committee.

Reasoning: Computer Committee is clear. Even if people disagree on what constitutes a computer, it's a lot clearer than Hackerspace. Currently, the only thing we focus on that isn't computer-related is locksport. We don't currently dedicate any money to it, as it doesn't require any from our committee. Not all classes and events need to be organized/categorized under a committee. The only resource the locksport classes/events might need from our committee is space for storing locks and lockpicking kits. Since locksport kits are small and we will have a lot of storage space after the committee area gets updated, storing the kits in the area seems like a reasonable thing to do, even though it isn't computer-related.

Title: Add storage and workstations to the committee area.

Author: Rafael Rincón

Problem: Our committee area is inactive relative to other committee areas.

Solution: Reorganize the committee area to enable and encourage more activity. A specific plan with items to buy will presented by Rafael Rincón for further explanation, debate, and possible amendment of this agenda item.


Rafael Rincon - @raffi

Art Givens - @artg_dms

Ivan Histand - @ihistand

Austin Smithey - @ruiner

Ben Bangerter - @chimpera

John Jones - @technobit


Meeting starts at 1921 December 30th 2019.

Agenda Items:

Approve prior minutes

John moves to accept prior minutes. Raffi seconds. In favor: 5 Opposed: 1. Motion passes.

Rename the committee to Computer Committee and limit focus to computers.

Raffi moves to amend the title of the agenda item to Rename the committee to Computer Committee. Art seconds. In favor: 4, Opposed: 0, Abstain: 2. Motion passes.

Raffi moves to pass the agenda item as amended. In favor: 4, Opposed: 0, Abstain: 2. Motion passes.

Add storage and workstations to the committee area.

Austin moves to table the purchase of the computer specified in the plans presented by Raffi and define the usage of computers of the committee. John seconds. Passes unanimously.

Discussion: Intended uses of computers:

- Training ML models

- Compiling software projects

- Running visualizations

- Teaching operating systems

- etc.

Ben motions to allow chair to purchase, with committee funds, shelving and storage at his discretion. Austin seconds. Unanimous.

Raffi motions to adjourn the meeting at 2058. Austin seconds. Unanimous.