Board of Directors Meeting 20120129

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Time, location

15:00, Dallas Makerspace

Prior minutes

Previous minutes

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Board of Director's Meeting 1-29-2012 Andrew LeCody Nicole Greeley Glenn Pipe Peter Smith Leland Flynn-via phone

Called to order at: 3:49 pm by Andrew LeCody

Treasure Report: John Haskins

  • We are at 80 members.
  • Ordered more Key FOBs. About 100 coming in from China.
  • Phil Wrage will be doing auditing for the Financial Committee
  • Gus is planning on joining the Financial Committee
  • Suggested we look into using MINT for tracking money more easily.

From Prior Meeting Minutes: Action Item: Still need to have dumpster moved. Action Item: Put on general meeting for Feb 9th 2012 the topic of charging for lockers. Action Item: Need to have Doug remove Plasma as well. Action Item: Need to push committee chairman for AV room. Action Item: Still need to have Home Depot set up for our Non-profit status.

Andrew proposes we approve the prior meeting minutes. Nicole Greeley seconds. Aye-4 Nay-0 Absent-1

Security Committee Report: Andrew LeCody

  • Andrew has not currently worked on the security aspect of the infastructure.
  • Suggested that Server Rack goes into Craftroom. This will be up for further discussion. No agreement reached.
  • Brought up that we need some lights for the warehouse for safety.

Andrew proposed we allocate $150 dollars for safety equipment (ie, emergency lighting, smoke detectors, and carbon monoxide detectors and possibly fire extinguishers). Nicole Greeley seconds Aye-5 Nay-0

Andrew proposes that we bring up to the allocation of 1000 for setting up a point to point wireless access point between here and Andrew's data center at the next official membership meeting (2/9/2012). Seconded by Peter Smith. Aye-5 Nay-0

Nicole proposed voting in the Darkroom committee as an official committee

Nicole proposes we create the darkroom committee and put them in charge of managing the darkroom. Seconded by Andrew LeCody Aye-5 Nay-0

Action Items: Creation of a warehouse committee on the monthly meetting.

Nicole proposes the creation of a Craftroom Committee to over see and manage the craftroom. Seconded by Glenn Pipe. Aye-5 Nay-0

Action Item: Contact the Bio guys and officially create their committee

Paul suggests that we talk to the Wiley brothers about possibly get access to one of their other locations for the regular member meeting on Feb 9th.

Action Item: Nicole will check with Bryan about the 80 dollar laptops

Andrew proposes allocating no more than 200 dollars for the purchase of Adobe Creative Suite 5 Production Premium package. Leland Flynn Aye-5 Nay-0

Andrew proposes we put the $150 allocated for the stools back into the general fun. Seconded by Nicole Greeley. Aye-4 Nay- Absent-1

Money allocated this meeting: Security Committee Equipment Purchase: $150 Adobe CS5 purchase: $200 Total: $350

Meeting brought to close at 5:19pm.

Note: draft version of meeting minutes go to the Talk Page first, upon ratifying at the *next* meeting they will be moved to the normal page.